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It is web development city over here at Straits Canopy. We have been playing with the new website and all the new images we have from the Straits Canopy photo shoot. We are also happy to say that we are nearly there!

Thank you to everyone who has been following along on Instagram as well. It is a very fast way to keep you posted on what is going on and we love the interaction too. Say hi, we love hearing from you.

As Straits Canopy moves along and we are getting our final prep on we wanted to take a moment to say thank you. When we look at all the people who have been involved so far, who have voiced their encouragement and been supportive, we feel delighted all over again as everyone is celebrating, just as we are, the beauty of blending on our little island.

Talk to you soon and stay tuned. Our new website will be coming right up.

Straits Canopy’s New Site

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