Goddess Glow – How to Stay Gorgeous in Singapore

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Newton Hawker Center Coconut Juice

The Tree of Life Right Here in our Region

If you are lucky enough to travel or even live in a tropical country like we do, you should defintely try and have a coconut a day. The coconut palm, which is actually a grass, is known as kalpa vriksha in Sanskrit, meaning “the tree that supplies all that is needed to live”. Sounds pretty good to us. Coconuts are creamy, refreshing and hydrating – how magical do those words sound on a hot Singapore day?

Coconuts, in all forms, such as meat, water, oil and milk have many benefits and can claim being a true superfood. They are not only high in protein, (one cup of dried, shredded coconut is 9 grams of fiber!) but also in elecrolytes and healthy fats. They consist of more than 90 % raw saturated fat, but unlike the long-chain saturated fat in animal products, the fat in coconut oil, comes in the form of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs.)

 MCFAs are digested differently thanother types of oils. They break down quickly and convert into energy and are not stored as fat tissue on our body or in our arteries. Coconut oil is over 40 % lauric acid, the richest of any plant source available on Earth. Lauric acid is a powerful antiviral substance that can boost your immune system.

Sexy Skin

As coconut oil is almost always free from harsh additives, pesticides and other chemicals, it’s a little piece of cosmetic glory in, well, a nutshell. Most commercial creams can actually promote dry skin in the long run and they also contain processed vegetable oils – no thanks. Have a look at our Polynesian sisters for a moment. For generations, they have been exposed to the blistering sun and ocean and are still gorgeous with their  supple skin and beautiful hair! Start by applying a small amount when using coconut oil as a lotion, otherwise your skin will become too saturated. Slowly repeat use over time and gradually your skin will soften and new healthy skin will emerge.

Get a Coconut

Being lucky enough to live on this tiny tropical island, getting your hands on a coconut has never been easier. You can head down to any hawker center and find the fresh juice stall where they always have fresh coconuts. Ask the Aunty for a straw and enjoy!

The closest Hawker Center to Orchard Road is located at Newton. Newton Hawker Center is right on Newton Circus at the intersection of Newton Road and Scott’s Road.  See you at the juice stall!

Written by Caroline Jarl

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