Stuck for a gift to give from Singapore? Searched all of Orchard?

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Have you searched high and low for an amazing gift to give from Singapore? Straits Canopy has now arrived.

Straits Canopy is a lifestyle brand showcasing Singapore’s history with a line of gifts you will be proud to give. Straits Canopy was created to celebrate the beauty of blending, right here, in Singapore.

History of the Brand

We are proud to live on this island and wanted to be able to give a beautiful gift, representing our home, to guests.

After searching high and low for something unique, something with soul and something proudly givable – we came up empty handed. Our feet hurt from scouring the island and somehow the Merlion and the golden-bobbing-dashboard-cat just weren’t making the cut.

We sat and we pondered and  let our minds wander backwards  to the past. Singapore’s past to be exact.

Singapore is located on the Straits of Malacca and on one of the most important trading routes of all time. These days Singapore is seen as modern city and a mover and shaker of times. We wanted to show that it has always been a mover and shaker and, historically, a place where business has been done.

Straits Canopy was then conceived. We felt, very strongly, that it was important to tip our hats to the past and showcase to the world that Singapore has soul!
































People have been blending in Singapore for many centuries now and we are bringing to light the beauty of blending through lifestyle gifts that tell a story. Showcasing the Peranakan people and their distinct style, Straits Canopy has modernized their riot of colours and motif’s so you can enjoy a piece of this region where ever you may travel. It is all about living the heritage and celebrating the beauty of blending.

It’s In the Details

We have thoughtfully created each item to be gifted or enjoyed in your own home. Each gift comes with a beautiful information card outlining interesting facts about Singapore and the Peranakan people. Giving a gift from Straits Canopy is a great way to share a unique part of Singapore’s history with the world.

We Say

Finally. Something I can gift with pride!

Browse our product range and find out more. Visit our blog here for more information on Singapore.

Join us. We like to celebrate things.

Shop the collection here.
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