Chris Edwards | The Honeycombers and How To Be Brave

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Meet Chris Edwards – the inspiring woman behind the Honeycombers.

She has now been living in Singapore for nine years, originally arriving as a trailing spouse. She worked in a local publishing house and saw a disconnect between the local creative and cultural scene and young ex-pats. Because of this disconnect she wanted to create a publication that would speak to both sectors and created the Honeycombers.

Now seven years on, she has three titles under her belt – Honeycombers, HoneyKidsAsia and HoneyBrides, an extraordinary achievement! Servicing Singapore, Jakarta and Bali with a unique and fun voice the Honeycombers reach 500k readers each month and have over 100k social media followers.

Chris has build a team of 25 staff in Singapore that are an amazing bunch of fun loving and talented people who, as she says,  “work hard and play harder all in the name of keeping our readers inspired, in the know and getting the most out of Singapore, Bali and Jakarta”.

As a mother of three and a truly successful entrepreneur we hear from this inspiring woman as she captures what a Modern Nyonya of Singapore is irrespective of where you originally came from.

What drives you to do what you do each day?

I love what I do – creating a beautiful and fun website that inspires people to get them the most out of their city, and the most out of their lives.

The most inspiring person you have known or the person you look up to the most?

Ahhh there are so many. The person that has inspired me the most is my Dad.

What one thing has helped you along your journey that you couldn’t live without?

Easy one!  My husband.  I think without an incredibly supportive partner – entrepreneurism and a young family would be extremely difficult.


Best advice ever received?

Very simple advice – my Dad said to me “Just go for it! It was just enough encouragement to push me into taking the risks I needed to take.  I needed someone to say to me – be brave – you can do this.

What support systems have helped you to get to where you are today?

My family and my friends.  I think it’s amazing what support you can get from your network – if you are brave enough to ask.

What does the Modern Nyonya look like in your eyes?

Singapore gals that know the past, and look forward to the future – with a respect of Singapore’s rich heritage and culture.

If you had the opportunity to get a big message across to a large group of people, what would it be?


You only get one life – so you need to make every day count.  Smile, be happy, do something you love.  Be brave, take risks, find your true passion and work hard, enjoy the success that will come.

Chris’ inspiring quote to us is “Work Hard and Dream Big”! Thank you for being a part of Modern Nyonya Chris. You capture the spirit of a Modern Nyonya, a modern woman of Singapore that is multi-cultural and celebrates all the people of different backgrounds who call Singapore home. Inspiring is the perfect word to describe you.

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