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We recently had the pleasure of experiencing the service at Epion Clinic located at Tudor Court. Located right beside Tanglin Mall making parking and access a breeze, we were already winning as we entered the clinic. Walking into a warm welcome at reception we felt inspired by the architecturally designed interior that makes you feel as though you stepped into a beautiful Art Deco building in Manhattan.

Dr. Melvin Tan is the founder and medical director of this beautiful new space. Wanting to bridge the line between cutting edge medical aesthetics and the comfort and familiarity of a traditional spa, Epion Clinic was created to provide women with a safe, knowledgeable and comfortable place to have beauty treatments done and walk back out confidently into the world.

Trained as an eye surgeon and with the steady hands that come with it – Dr Tan knew that with the evolution of medical quality aesthetic machines that he could marry science and beauty together and offer women treatments with no downtime. Treatments that were actually effective and not intrusive. Garnering experience globally, Dr Tan is front and center at the clinic and each session involves a one on one meeting with him, where you can feel confident and comfortable to ask any questions you may have. For new comers to the medical aesthetics area – this dedicated time is precious as concerns are shared and knowledge is transferred from the doctor to the client.

Treatment options are varied but the Epion Star facial uses medical grade machines to deeply cleanse your face, gently exfoliate and resurface the skin as well as complete extractions. This Hydrafacial machine then pumps your skin full of peptides and moisturisers which plump up the skin and the previous deep cleaning allows your pores to drink up the moisture infusion. It is a patented four step process and we could clearly see the results.

As a part of the Epion Star facial, Dr Tan then uses the Sciton Skyntyte 2. This revolutionary machine heats up your skin to a comfortable level and using light pulses stimulates your skin to produce more collagen and tightens the area around the jaw and neck area. There is nothing invasive about the machine however the results are tremendous due to the technology laying within and its ability to access the skin at the deepest level. The session is then completed with a 24k gold cold mask that cools, refreshes and tightens the skin further.

Because of the stimulating actions of the Scion machine, your skin continues to work under the surface to produce more collagen and even after a few days your skin appears to glow even further from the deep clean and stimulation it received.

Service is at the heart of this beautiful new clinic and we wish them success as Dr Tan and his team bring the very best of global medical aesthetics to Singapore.

Epion Clinic
Tudor Court
145 Tanglin Road
+65 6732 2122

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