We Heart DJ Kai Ying | DJ Kay Heng | Straits Canopy Interview | Best Singapore Dish Inside Scoop [VIDEO]

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We sat down with the effervescent and fun DJ Kai Ying at Lime House a few weeks ago. Born and bred in Singapore – we wanted the truth about what her favourite things were on the island. The inside scoop – the little things we love to hear. We had so much fun along the way from the photo shoot to the interview and then the massive storm that rumbled over Keong Saik later in the day. All in a days work as we bring you insight into all the amazing people who call Singapore home. Thank you for sharing with us Kai Ying! Straits Canopy thinks you rock!

Watch the video here:

DJ Kai Ying _ Kay Heng_ Straits Canopy05 DJ Kai Ying _ Kay Heng_ Straits Canopy03 Kay

 DJ Kai Ying _ Kay Heng_ Straits Canopy07