Nadiah M Din International Film Actress

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What drives you to do what you do each day?

Many factors are contributing to this…one of the biggest is my deep passion for arts in general. I’ve lived my life surrounded by artistic parents and relatives who are greatly involved in the arts industry. My deep love for the arts has helped me to do what I’ve been doing each day – filming, acting, meeting up with new people, working with great creative minds around me, speaking to people and exchanging creative ideas. I enjoy all aspects of this and I think that to love something so deeply it definitely plays a part in giving you the drive to do it on a daily basis. It can be tiring sometimes but because I do not see my profession as a job, I take it as a hobby or rather pursuing a dream…this drives me daily.

The most inspiring person you have known or the person you look up to the most?

My parents. they are my pillar of strength, my hope and my inspiration. They have never failed to guide me and to always advise me on whats best for me. My late father was the one who brought me to castings when I was 5 years old. He will always tell me ” just go for your dreams my princess!”. Yes he calls me princess 🙂 My late father passed away eight years ago and he still is my one and and only true inspiration together with my mother. I respect the both of them so much and I strongly believe that if it was not for them, I would not have been where I am today.


NadiahMDin_ModernNyonya2What one thing has helped you along your journey that you couldn’t live without?

My strong family support. From my parents to my siblings and to my relatives. Everyone is always so positive and loving and i can always feel the good vibes from them. My siblings will often show their support by coming down to watch my live theatre shows or they will watch me on the tv screen or the big screen (cinema) sometimes they will even give me their constructive criticism so i will be able to be able and come out stronger as a performer. I always know that whatever they do, they only want the best for me and i know that i will always have their support and prayers to keep me going.

Best advice ever received? 

From my father Mohammad Din Mohammad : he said to me then “Always remember your roots wherever you are, and the higher your status the lower you need to bring yourself to and be humble.”

What support systems have helped you to get to where you are today? 

Besides my family members, I must also say that my friends and also my supporters have been the one to help me be strong till today. If it wasn’t for my supporters who keep on supporting me, I may not be here. So I want to thank all of them.

What does the Modern Nyonya look like in your eyes?  

The Modern Nyonya is someone who is classy and strong in her beliefs and principles.

If you had the opportunity to let a big message across to a large group of people, what would it be?

We are lacking love, respect and humanity these days…from what has been happening from across the world, I believe that if there’s love and respect many things could have been avoided. Many incidents may not even happen. Many souls could have been saved and alive today. Many children could still eat and sleep in peace and harmony…I just hope that everyone will play their part each day to spread the love around us. Not just to humans but also to the environment and animals.

The talented Nadiah will be appearing on Suria on Adam dan Hawa on January 10, 2016. Her latest film Baby Bump will be released in April. Sure to be a hit! You can follow Nadiah here on Instagram